Jimmo vs Barroso betting analysis – UFC Fight Night

Barroso is a guy with technique but no real gameplan on how to use any of it. He doesn’t press the action, doesn’t throw any real volume of strikes, accepts being in bad positions both on the ground and in the clinch and basically just could be a lot more effective than he is.

Jimmo is quite similar in many ways. He’s a higher output fighter but he seems to fight on auto-pilot. Basically all his fights end up in a pointless clinch battle, which would be fine if he was trying to wear down his opponent and actually defeat them somehow afterwards but there appears to be no post-clinch battle gameplan.

Barroso, though he’s meant to be a BJJ black belt, doesn’t pass guard and doesn’t really do anything from top position. Jimmo is more active than his opponent from top position, though not so much in latter rounds when he runs out of gas.

In terms of positives, both guys throw fairly heavy leg kicks (though both also do so with fairly low volume). Jimmo is quick for the weight class.

If significant parts of this fight aren’t spent clinched up against the cage, I will be very surprised. Jimmo should win the fight due to higher output and a slightly higher fight IQ but it’s not a fight I would want to bet on. Jimmo does also have the propensity to get injured. 3 of his 6 UFC fights to date have seen him injured in one way or another. Twice it has caused an end to the fight and against Te Huna he was limping heavily.

My line for this fight would be around -200 Jimmo.