Moving over from

So, as many of you may know, this site was originally set up at but we’ve moved over to here at to avoid any confusion between our site and an existing MMA tipster (

My initial thought process when choosing was pretty much that it just seemed like the best domain available for what I was offering. I was too interested in getting the site up and running to think about possible confusion between our site and the existing site, so that was an oversight on my part.

As soon as Chris @ made it clear he wasn’t particularly happy about the potential confusion, I was like “yeah, I get your point” and offered to change my site if that’s what he wanted. He did, so I have. No problems at all from my point of view in terms of doing that and I apologised to him for any stress it caused, assuming he’d have to deal with some douchebag trying to be difficult. That’s not me so new domain name bought, website all changed… We’re all good 🙂 I’m here to be an integral part of the MMA handicapper community, not turn up and start pissing people off.

I’ve also taken this opportunity to combine my own betting blog (which was at, into this new site, with the addition of this blog. The only reason I’d done anything at all on was because I needed a separate username for CapperTek. However, now CapperTek has deleted my accounts after I threatened to expose their sham betting practices (view blog here: CapperTek sham bets – CapperTek Review), I have no use for and can just detail my own picks here… Of course, I need to find a new, REPUATABLE, independent tracing service, so if you know one, please let me know!